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Killzone: Shadow Fall Review Thread

Wed, 13 Nov 2013 06:46:40 -0800

Metacritic Score - 73

IGN - 8.0

There's never been a better time for everyone to be paying attention to the Killzone franchise, because Shadow Fall is a step in an all-new, very welcome direction.

CVG - In Progress

Overall, Killzone Shadow Fall is a pleasant surprise. It doesn't seek to reinvent the FPS, but it does inject a much-needed infusion of creativity and originality into the genre.

Gamesradar - 4/5

Sure, Killzone: Shadow Fall has its lulls, but it's a mostly enjoyable experience from start to finish. This is no doubt the PlayStation 4's strongest exclusive launch title.

PSNation - 9.5

Even with a couple of stumbles during the campaign, this is a fantastic game, and like I said, I have a hard time believing that this is a launch title. Shadow Fall is the biggest step in evolution that the series has seen, and although a few die-hards may have an issue with the more open nature in sections, I think that many are going to appreciate what’s been accomplished here. The story takes some pretty interesting twists and turns, and the action never gets stale.

Multiplayer.it - 8.7

OPM UK - 8/10

A mix of familiar gunplay and just enough new ideas, gorgeous looks and sheer technical wow to make you feel like you're stepping into a shiny new future.

Gamespot - 7/10

Guerrilla Games remembered what drew me and many others to the front lines of online war, and it's here that Shadow Fall emerges from the rubble and flies into the electric skies.

Eurogamer - 7/10

It's a game that any new PlayStation 4 owner will be proud to show off - but it won't be one they remember by the time PS5 rolls around.

Polygon - 5/10

For all the next-gen bluster of its visuals and the repeated blunt-force attempts to ram a message home, Guerilla's first shot on the PS4 retreads shooter cliches, and poorly. In a launch lineup crowded with shooters, Killzone: Shadow Fall sits at the bottom.

Kotaku - No

There's an element of braggart showmanship to Shadow Fall. It's as if with every mindboggling vista or nutso-busy cityscape Guerilla is saying, "Hey, look at what we can do." But the problem with all the visual dazzle is that it makes the screen hard to read. Someone's shooting at you; but from where? You're supposed to climb a cliff; but which parts? The tricks that developers use to drive the eye to key parts of a game world get lost in a ton of visual noise.

Videogamer - NA

Guerrilla Games is a master at creating technically excellent but utterly lifeless titles - the 'game' element is seemingly little more than an interactive showcase for its skills. Killzone: Shadow Fall is both ahead and behind the times, with gameplay sadly falling into the latter category.

Joystiq 3.5/5

Killzone: Shadow Fall loses its sheen at times, usually when pursuing moments that are cinematic but not sensible. As a shooter, it's better at thriving on eye-catching environments and supportive combat abilities that don't just come for free. It also can't help but blow up its pristine cityscapes before you get to know them, but that just goes with the territory, here on the border between good and great.

Destructoid - 9/10

A hallmark of excellence. There may be flaws, but they are negligible and won't cause massive damage to what is a supreme title.

GameTrailers - 8.8

Guerrilla Games needs to recognize that it's not plot points and politics that move its games, but the bullets and guns. If the campaign could take a step back from the spectacle to focus on core concepts and feedback loops, the qualities that make the multiplayer suite so flexible and entertaining could make the campaign even stronger.

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The Big E: Multiple Food Reviews

Avoiding Bioshock Infinite Spoilers? Don't read the Kotaku review.

Tue, 26 Mar 2013 06:43:10 -0700

So I just got Infinite and have played few the first couple areas. This morning I was glancing at reviews, seeing what other people thought and I stumbled across something in the Kotaku review that made me very unhappy and feel like a big reveal in the game was ruined. There isn't any sort of spoiler warning attached to the review either which kinda pissed me off. Sooooo, if you don't want to have any important plot details ruined: Don't read the kotaku review. The offending sentence is below for anyone interested so SPOILER FUCKING WARNING

Edit: Fuck, this blew up. I'm sorry to the people who opened it in RES and saw the spoiler anyway. I don't know how to fix that so I'm just deleting it, if you want to know just go to kotaku (don't) and read the review.

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