Pursuing Your Music Career Overseas


Several opportunities exist for pursuing your music career overseas. Actually, the world is your oyster and it is wide open. Depending upon your instruments, and whether you play solo or come equipped with a band, a variety of options exist for you. Actually not just music careers but there are a lot of jobs overseas that you can consider like teaching, caregiving and other medical jobs, but we are going to tackle music careers this time.

A nightclub piano player who sings can make some great money if they secure a manager to book them gigs around the globe. Whether you want to go to the biggest tourist traps in high season over on the French Riviera or play for Cannes Music Festival, consider it a realistic option.

It pays well, the hosting bars and clubs will often put you up in a hotel for the duration of your stay, and you may be comped on food as well. In addition, it provides the added opportunity for you to play tourist and trek around Europe once your gigs have completed.

Along the same lines, one arena that many people never think of is the travel industry. Cruise ships are known for needing entertainment, and you may find that they want just what you have to offer the world.

Similarly, resorts and casinos also have a strong need for musicians. Of course, those opportunities are worldwide. Consider spending next year in Spain or in Japan, and anywhere else you want to perform.

Another way that musicians play around the world is to get on as studio musicians. Once you have proven yourself as a musician, and have had that stroke of luck that gets you into the studio, you become an asset. Other musicians and producers will call on you repeatedly as they require your playing.

If you are not yet a professional, it is strongly encouraged that you go to school for music. Actually, count on it. In order for you to keep up with professionals you will need to learn your instrument.

Practice, take the difficult music performance classes and earn your degree. Keep an eye on schools that have a strong network of working and successful musicians. They may just be your lifeline into your new life as a musician.

Pursuing your music career overseas is possible with a lot of hard work, mastery of your instrument, a love of performance, and some creativity in booking gigs. The world is wide open and it is calling to you to play your music. Maybe you will be the next piano man, the best crooner on cruise ships or in casinos.

Safety Guidelines That All Dance Studios Should Adhere To


In recent years, the number of dance studios getting sued for providing an unsafe dancing environment to students has been rising.  One of the most important thing to consider for safety is having standby generators to ensure uninterrupted lights.  The problem is that most studios are run on ignorance and forget that not only is providing a safe environment a legal obligation, but a moral one. To avoid getting sued, it is important to take the following dance studio safety guidelines into consideration!

Keep Floor Surface Clean

A very common problem that plagues dance studios is the presence of liquid on the flooring. It can cause slip and fall accidents that can lead to severe conditions. Additionally, broken tiles or missing portions of the floor should be repaired immediately as they can cause dancers to trip. If there are carpeted areas in the studio, make sure that there are no loose threads that can lead to accidents.

Keep Lighting And Hanging Objects Away

Take into consideration the height of an average adult person when hanging lights in the studio. It may seem like a good idea to use pendant lighting as great ambiance, but you have to keep in mind that it can be dangerous. Additionally, make sure that you don’t have any signs that can be in the way causing a dancer to slip, fall, or crash during class.

Keep Traffic Clear

Numerous parents and friends feel that it is their right to watch dancers, but the unnecessary traffic can become dangerous. You also have to consider that some of the visitors may be criminal in nature as there is no real way to know for sure. It makes sense to install security cameras in high traffic zones to keep an eye on the dancers.

Keep The Studio Clean

Apart from the obvious dangerous clutter that can get in the way, make sure you really strive to provide a clean and healthy studio environment. That means cleaning the bathroom and wiping down all equipment to halt the spread of germs and potential diseases.

Keep Staff And Students Educated

The last thing you need to keep in mind is that you will need to educate your students and staff members in regards to your new safety requirements. As a dance studio owner, it makes sense to write a handbook that you can pass out and students and staff alike can refer back to.

By choosing to keep your dance studio safe, you are keeping up with your moral obligation and keeping the environment healthy for growing students.