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Anthony Burch: 2 BL2 DLCs I wrote got pretty good reviews from Destructoid writers who I was friends with. This has never been mentioned by #gamergate once

Sun, 07 Sep 2014 09:31:04 -0700

In a throw of support, Anthony Burch tries to point out how hypocritical criticism is because his friends never received any for reviewing his work and not disclosing it. Link to tweet. Except I don't think anyone knew about it. I didn't until today, and I think it's unethical and unprofessional.

As far as I can tell he's referencing his two highest rated DLCs, Tiny Tina and Captain Scarlett.

Link to Destructoid review of Tiny Tina

Link to Destructoid review of Captain Scarlett

Nowhere in either review is the personal association or friendship with Burch listed. That's not acceptable. Was there no one at Destructoid who could have reviewed this that isn't friends with someone on the team? Why didn't the reviewers feel it pertinent to reveal that they had a personal connection to a member of the team? Nowhere else this would be acceptable, so why is it ok here?

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Bayonetta 2 Review thread

Mon, 13 Oct 2014 00:33:05 -0700

Metacritic - 92

Gamespot - 10/10

Edge - 10/10

Joystiq - -5/5

IGN - 9.5/10

Famitsu - 38/40

Official Nintendo Magazine - 93%

Gameinformer - 9/10

NintendoLife - 9/10

NintendoWorldReport - 9/10

Eurogamer - 9/10

Venturebeat - 9/10

Polygon - 7.5/10

Gamesided 9.5/10

Destructoid - 10/10

Godisageek - 10/10

Videogamer - 9/10

Gamesradar - 4/5

Metro - 9/10

Nintendoinsider - 10/10

USgamers - 4.5/5

Platinum done it again.

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