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Total War- Rome II: Review Thread

Mon, 02 Sep 2013 06:42:37 -0700

Total War: Rome II

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

Release Date:

  • 3 September 2013

Eurogamer - 7/10


Author: Paul Dean

By themselves, none of the things that are wrong with Total War: Rome 2 are that big a deal. If the game itself were an empire, a map upon a wall, we'd note some gains and some losses, glossing over most of the tinier problems because they don't spoil the larger picture. We also might note the stagnation of that empire. For all that the game may have promised, it isn't such a big step forward for the series. It's Total War done a bit bigger, a bit better and a bit different. Its borders hold firm.

NowGamer- 9.5/10


Author: Jordan Garland

Total War: Rome 2 isn't as genre-defining as its kin, but that was never its aim. A comprehensive reworking that does its grand legacy proud, bringing it up to the date in blistering fashion and polishing it for a new generation is all Creative Assembly could ask for, and it's precisely what they've done.

DigitalSpy - 4/5


Author: Mark Langshaw

With Total War: Rome 2's level of complexity comes a degree of inaccessibility and an occasional sense of being overwhelmed, but tutorials help minimise this where possible. Regardless, the end result is that Total War: Rome 2 is a thoroughly in-depth and absorbing experience, even by the series' own lofty standards.

Joystiq - 3.5/5


Author: Dan Crabtree

For these dedicated strategy connoisseurs and Roman history buffs, Creative Assembly has just about crafted the pinnacle work in the art of meaningful detail. Each Ptolemaic temple and Gallic brine distillery reaps some number value for the tactical player, which is in itself a notable benchmark. The trouble with meaningful detail, however, is its imposition to be noticed, a barrier that will likely fend off hordes of uninitiated would-be conquerors. As Caesar's lilting British tongue desperately recalls his rule over the crumbling columns of a militant empire, I don't mind the ketchup oozing from his invisible wounds.

PCGamesN - 7/10


Author: Fraser Brown

Despite the faults, I’m not going to stop playing. I know I’ll be going back to to my campaigns. In fact, I’ll likely be playing it later today, as I have some stampeding war elephants to send to war. And when they crush the dastardly rebels underfoot, as I know they will, I’ll still get that shiver down my spine, just as I did when I watched Time Commanders almost a decade ago.

CVG - 9/10


Author: Andy Kelly

There's something here for everyone, whether you dream of commanding armies, or using espionage and politics, to crush your enemies. It could be more welcoming to new players - and you'll need to invest a significant amount of time to understand all of its intricacies - but get past that and you'll find a deep, rewarding game that brings history to life in an incredible way.

PCGamer- 85/100


Author: Tom Senior

Right now, Rome 2 has its flaws, but is still a sumptuous, slow-burn strategy game with some of the best land battles in the series. Aesthetically, it’s a triumph. Empire management, alliances, the UI and battlefields have all improved, which makes it doubly frustrating to encounter the floppy AI that will be extremely familiar to Total War fans by now. Still, nothing out there does what Total War does with this degree of scope and detail. I’d still recommend it to armchair generals anywhere.

IGN: Review In Progress

Review from Redditor /u/TheDreadfulSagittary: BagoGames- 4.4/5, he also did a AMA over here

Czech: Zing-9/10

German: GameStar- 89/100

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